Organic Sencha
Organic Sencha
Organic Sencha
Organic Sencha
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Organic Sencha

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We just love this sencha! From Kyushu Island in southern Japan, this refreshing sencha is skillfully cultivated to meet the highest quality organic standards. Infused with flavor from the mineral-rich volcanic soils, this selection is simply delicious and well-balanced making this offering a perfect daily sencha! It has many of the prized characteristics of high quality Japanese green tea: sweetness, umami, color and balanced astringency. NOT the awful bitter taste of the tea bags sold in restaurants and cafes across the US!

Flavor Notes: balanced umami + sweet grass



Our Kyusu tea pot is a convenient way to prepare the perfect cup of tea!

7-8g / 2.5-3 tsp tea | 6oz H2O | 158°F | 45-60 sec
Add tea to a small teapot or brewing vessel. Add 158° water (boiling water will cause strong bitterness). Wait 45-60 seconds. Pour. Can repeat 2 to 4 times using a shorter brew time. May adjust tea to water ratio according to preference.

Store airtight in a cool, dark location. Best within 3-4 weeks after opening for maximum freshness. 

50 gram bag has approx. 6-7 servings. 100 gram bag has approx. 12-14 servings.

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Maya G.
United States United States
Mind blowing teas!!

Just wanted to let you know how amazing your tea is. I've gotten my tea from various retailers, and I had thought that I had found some pretty good brands, but it wasn't until I tasted your teas that I understood how inferior the product was that I had been using. It was absolutely mind blowing how superior your teas are in comparison. I am so happy to have found a truly wonderful and delicious line of teas to drink, and plan on purchasing more of your truly fine product!

Serena B.
United States United States
Sublime Sencha!

My mom and I loved Sencha! The mild caffeine makes it great for studying. Sencha's scent wafts into the air and enlivens the mind. Close your eyes, take a sip, and picture yourself in a field of wildflowers. We thoroughly enjoyed this tea. Thank you!

Satoko H.
United States United States
Sencha & Matcha

I ordered Matchalo’s Sencha and Matcha. Matchalo’s Sencha are very high grade tea. Tea has wonderful aroma and flavor. Sencha leaves are very tiny, fine leaves. This is my first experience to have such a delicious and high quality tea. Matcha is very delicious also. My family really enjoyed this Sencha and Matcha Sent from my iPad

Jason A.
United States United States
Loved the Organic Sencha tea!!

I ordered the Organic Sencha tea to try it, and I really enjoyed it!! It was promptly shipped, and I made the tea as per the directions and it was so good! The website is very informative and cleanly designed with helpful vidoes. Overall I highly recommend it!!

Aie S.
United States United States
I drink everyday

This organic sencha is very pleasant green tea. Refreshing test and likes aroma. I drink everyday.