Green Kukicha (Shiraore)
Green Kukicha (Shiraore)
Green Kukicha (Shiraore)
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Green Kukicha (Shiraore)

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Delighted by the beautiful bright green liquor of this rare kukicha, we think you’ll find this delicious ‘twig tea’ simply refreshing! It is extra sweet with a rich umami flavor!

Grown on Kyushu Island in southern Japan,  this is a shade-grown tea composed of the stems & twigs of the tea plant and is a specific type of kukicha called Shiraore.  Low in caffeine, this tea is a sweet reward that is perfect in the afternoon or as a cold brew. We are so pleased to bring you this little gem!

Flavor Notes: bright umami with hints of citrus + barley



Our Kyusu tea pot is a convenient way to prepare the perfect cup of tea!

8g / 4 tsp tea | 6oz H2O | 158°F | 60 sec
Add tea to a small teapot or brewing vessel. Add 158° water (boiling water will cause strong bitterness).
Wait 60 seconds. Pour. Can repeat 2 to 4 times with shorter brew time. May adjust tea to water ratio according to preference.

Store airtight in a cool, dark location. Best within 3-4 weeks after opening for maximum freshness. 

50 gram bag has approx. 7-9 servings. 100 gram bag has approx. 14-18 servings.

This tea will only be available for a limited time.

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Holly M.
United States

I heard about you from an FBomb group post and decided to grab a bag! I love it. Shipped quickly and it’s a very nice tea. ♥️